Professional Coaching

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Professional Coaching

To hire a coach is very simple:

  • Contact us HERE to discuss
  1. how often (a regular rate of once a month for 6 months is considered beneficial, you choose more or less) and
  2. how (the recommendation being that you can either meet the coach face-to-face once and then continue either over the phone or via Skype or other online mediums, or meet face-to-face for your entire package)
  3. the price
  • Meet with the coach once to establish whether the coach and you are a match, and you feel that you can trust this person and that the coach challenges you enough to get you out of your comfort zone. This meeting is free, if you choose not to continue the work together with the coach the session will not be charged. If you do choose to continue the work the session will be charged for.
  • If you represent a larger organization and you wish, the recommendation is to not bet all of your money on one horse. Arrange for a so called “go-see” where several coaches come to your organization (from the same company or from several). Put them up in a room together with the people who would be seeing them, or in separate rooms and do a little “speed-coaching” (cf. speed dating), and the coachees then get to decide which coach they want to work with. This minimizes negative feedback from the coachees if the personal chemistry does not work and the coachee sees it as having no other choice but to continue with the coach they have been assigned. Both the coach and the coachee hold the right and responsibility to terminate the agreement based on personal chemistry which hinders productivity.

What is coaching?

According to Sir John Whitmore, the guru in executive coaching: “Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them”. Coaching can be used to motivate staff, in delegating, problem solving, relationship issues, appraisals and assessments, task performance, planning and reviewing, staff development, team building and team working. Apart from these, you as the coachee use coaching as a tool to organize your work, prioritize, receive feedback and acknowledgement, to give you courage to make difficult decisions, talk to someone you have been avoiding, overcome procrastination, to pro-actively further yourself on your career path, to become more effective and to experience less stress and burdens in your work.

According to coaching, you do not have problems, and more importantly, you are not a problem, but you have small stumbling blocks in your work and environment that you can get through, over, under or around. Sometimes you need a little help to see what is hindering you and what is empowering you in order to do this. This is what the coach is for.

To be coached is transformative, and will give you a new outlook on yourself and your own abilities.