Longterm motivation and inspiration to avoid stress


Stress is something we all deal with in ways or other. Learning how to avoid longterm negative stress takes courage and determination. Companies and organizations learn the consequences in increased number of sickdays and longterm leaves of absence, loss of efficiency, employees leaving all together, increased negativity in the workplace and overall increases in cost. Did you know that someone who is severely stressed becomes more accident prone? This may cause not only direct costs, but indirect costs as other employees may have to use time from their own work to cover for, clean up or help and support the stressed colleague. Greatest of all, however, is the cost to the individual in both time, resources, social connections, anxiety, depression, burn out, which in turn comes with a host of psychological and physiological symptoms.

There are things that you can do to prevent this, both as an individual and as a leader, manager or owner of a business or organization.

Courses will be tailor made to suit each client’s needs, and can involve anything from a 2 hour lecture to work shops, half-day or whole day theme days or course packages over a longer period of time. To order your Longterm motivation and inspiration at work to avoid stress-course for your management team or your employees, please contact Gaudiell here

Courses will be tailor made to suit each client’s needs.