Professional IT and media use

Gaudiell offers IT and media courses embracing the following philosophies

IT and media are supposed to make your life and your job easier

Learning about IT and media is supposed to be FUN!

You need to be critical towards IT and media use and know when to use traditional methods

IT and media are tools to enhance your performance. You learn how to use them to become better, not for the sake of using them

You are the expert within your own field and need to make the applications work for you, not let the applications limit your work

Many people suffer from technological stress – Gaudiell’s job is to relieve that stress

Knowing IT and media should be economically beneficial for the company/organization

Learning about technology is NEVER only about learning the application, you need to learn the thinking about how to apply it and when to apply it

Courses are tailor made for each customer. In the right hand column on this page, click IT and media and Applications and media  and you will find which technologies and media Gaudiell offers education and consulting in.