Gaudiell was founded in 2011 and was registered as a sole-proprietorship on November 3rd of 2011 by Johanna Björkell (to view Curriculum Vitae click here). The idea, however, had been stirring for some years and the first drafts and preliminary ideas were laid out in 2006.

The name and graphics of Gaudiell

Is a conglomerate of the name of architect Antoni Gaudi (1852—1926, Wikipedia) and his financial benefactor Eusebi Güell (1846—1918, Wikipedia). The thought behind it is that every expert needs someone to back them up regardless of if it is with money, influence, support or someone who openly says that they believe in you and work towards making you excel and makes you become aware of your inherent potential.

Another thought influencing the choice of name was the Latin song “Gaudeamus Igitur” which the Finnish-speaking students sing at graduation in Finland. Erroneously, the word gaudeamus was thought (by me) to mean ” to learn” but it turned out the the word means “to rejoice”, which even closer meets the thoughts and philosophies that Gaudiell encompasses (Latin lyrics and translation into English here).

That the company name rhymes with the CEO and founder’s last name, is purely coincidental (but funny) as the name existed before receiving the married name of Björkell.

Gaudiell’s motto is: “Be inspired”

Gaudiell’s logo has concentric rings in order to portray the many competencies meeting, both in terms of from Gaudiell to the provider, but also within the client. We consist of so many layers and our professionality is a merger of these different layers. The logo and the graphic profile were created by Ann-Sofie Hammarström Östergren, Lilla Blå Tornet